Goodbye Summer Blues, Hello New You
Posted on September 6, 2017 in Lifestyle

Summer was barely here and we have already started to gear up for Winter. We can already see that Autumn is upon us: the air has that typical British chill and the excitement has started to build as there is only 13 more Fridays until Christmas.

At Hair By Sassy we have 3 ways you can dazzle in the new season in style and not fall victim to moody weather.

1     Glow In The Gloom

Face it. The skies are grey, 7pm is dark again and that autumn feeling is setting in. The ‘gloom’ that shows its face this time of the year is able to bring the most optimistic person down. But why not break that trend? There is no better way to overcome it than with a BRAND NEW colour! A dash of colour to stand out against the overcast skies will lift the mood of you and everyone around.

2       Take Control

YOU are in control. There is an unlimited amount of shades to explore and choosing the ONE you love will give you that much more power over your life. Take back the ability to make the decision and choose a shade that best represents you. Honestly, is there any better way to boost your mood than getting what you want?

3     You Deserve To Look Your Best

And finally, just TREAT YOURSELF. It is well known that when you are feeling your best you can perform at your best, whether that be at work, school or just generally. Part of the philosophy at Hair By Sassy is that you can begin to lift yourself by making noticeable changes to your appearance simply with your favourite outfit or even a new hair style. Once you feel good, the rest will fall into place.

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